USA Embassy Scholarship And Grant For International Students

USA Embassy Scholarship And Grant For International and African Students: Are you a student? Wishing to complete your studies in the United States or Do you wish to stay in the States to further your studies?

Then continue reading as the US Embassy has announced its scholarship application with a grant offered by the US Government to promote the financing of international students in the country. You can Start Now!!!

The United States government has spent billions of dollars in academic sponsorship of both citizens and non-citizens in various universities in the country. Making Students not to have any financial challenges as they study in the country.

All African and international Students are open and eligible for this scholarship and grant. The Scholarship and grant are accompanied by a free visa for every eligible applicant by the country US Embassy. Below are the descriptions, application methods, and required documentation.

Scholarship Description;

USA Embassy Scholarship

Country: USA
University: Any government approved university in the United States.
Field: All programs
Level: All levels
Number of intakes: Not specified
Eligible Countries: All Nations
Application mode: Online
Application Deadline: Open for 2021

Eligibility Criteria:

The applicant must be an international student with good grades in his or her academic records and documents.

The applicant must have completed and obtained a high school transcript from previous high schools attended.

Applicant must have proof of nationality (Indicating his or her state, country, and some other vital information about the applicant.

The applicant must be crime-free from his or her home country (indicating he or she never went for any criminal case nor committed a crime previously.

Applicant must provide a recent health document from a popular or registered medical center or hospital showing his or her health status and position currently.

The applicant must provide recent proof of bank statement from the sponsor indicating financial records running through the account.

The applicant must obtain an English proficiency examination certificate (TOEFL) or SAT having over 6.0 points.
And other supporting documents.

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Application Link:

Did you Meet up with the requirements …? if YES or NO, you still have better chance to gain Approval from your Application as Undergraduate  and Graduate  and More PhD seekers may still benefit more from these available Grants and Sponsorship programs too.

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