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Snapchat gives kids and teens what they really want: a simple way to share everyday moments while simultaneously making them look awesome. And unlike Facebook and Twitter, which record and broadcast everything you do, Snapchat uses messages that are meant to disappear. Like so many social media apps, Snapchat is a mixed bag, so it’s a good idea to understand how it works, how your kids use it and how much time they spend on it so you can make sure their experiences are positive.

Snapchat is a popular messaging app that lets users exchange pictures and videos (called snaps) that are meant to disappear after they’re viewed. It’s advertised as a “new type of camera” because the essential function is to take a picture or video, add filters, lenses or other effects and share them with friends. If you have tweens or teens, you know about Snapchat. Add your friends to Snapchat with the following easy steps below.

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How To Add Friends On Snapchat

  • Now after you Sign Up for SnapChat, use the your email address and password for your SnapChat Sign In.
  • When you are done creating an account and signed in, click the emoji on top of the screen to view your profile page.
  • Here you can see user’s that have added you, your Friends (users you have as friends) and where you can add users.
  • To add a user, tap ‘Add Friends’, options will be displayed on how you wish to add them (Username, My Contacts, Snapcode, Nearby, Share Username).
  • If you know a friend’s username choose ‘By Username’, type in your friend’s username to add them.
  • Choose ‘Add from Address Book’ to scan your phone’s contact list to see those on Snapchat.
  • Once done, a list of available users will be displayed for you to add them.
  • To add by Snapcode lets you add a user by scanning a picture in your phone’s photo gallery. Your profile picture your Snapcode.
  • Then Add nearby’ scans for users within your present location who are also on the ‘Add nearby’ screen on their Snapchat app.

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