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Mouth odour cure

It is also known as halitosis or fetor oris. Halitosis can cause significant worry, embarrassment, and anxiety but it is relatively easy to remedy. Mouth odour is an embarrassing condition caused by a group of anaerobic, sulfur-producing bacteria that breeds beneath the surface of the tongue and often in the throat and tonsil area. These anaerobic bacteria assist in digestion by breaking down proteins into amino acids, and in the process they excrete waste as odorous and bad tasting compounds that cause bad breath. To get rid of mouth odour the following listed below will do the work.

Home Remedy Of Mouth Odour


Daily exercises help to increase your ventilation and circulation rate. This helps to increase cellular turnover throughout your body. Exercise has also been shown to be good for maintaining microbiome health. This may help to manage harmful bugs that cause bad breath.


Research Trusted Source shows that mouth dryness often causes bad breath. Saliva plays a very important role in keeping your mouth clean. Without it, bacteria thrive. Your mouth naturally dries out while you sleep, which is why breath is typically worse in the morning.Prevent dry mouth by keeping your body hydrated. Drinking water (not caffeinated or sugary drinks) throughout the day will help encourage saliva production. Aim for at least eight glasses of water per day.


This herbal remedy has been used to treat bad breath for thousands of years; its rich antimicrobial properties and acidic content prevent the growth and activities of bacteria in the mouth. It also has a nice scent that masks unpleasant odour. Juice half a lemon and mix it with an equal part of water; use it to rinse your mouth, this will fight bad breath and prevent dry mouth. Do this once daily.


Stop nasty bacteria from building up on your gums and teeth. Oral hygiene. Regular oral hygiene, including interdental cleaning with floss, will help to prevent bad breath. Brush your tongue. The bacteria that cause bad breath are often found on the topside of your tongue. If you can see a white coating on your tongue, you should remove this debris with a tongue cleaner.


Yogurt contains healthy bacteria called lactobacillus. These healthy bacteria can help combat bad bacteria in various parts of your body, like your gut. Research shows that yogurt may also help reduce bad breath. A study found after six weeks of eating yogurt, 80 percent of participants had a reduction in bad breath. Probiotics in yogurt are effective in reducing the severity of bad breath. To use yogurt to fight bad breath, eat at least one serving per day of plain, nonfat yogurt.


They have antibacterial properties that kill mouth bacteria and they also help to freshen your breath and reduce mouth odour. Chew few pieces of cloves daily; it will clear off mouth odour in few minutes. You can also take clove tea; boil a cup of water and add a teaspoon of ground cloves and let it simmer for ten minutes. Let it cool, and then drink the tea. Do this twice daily till you see improvement.

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Lack of sleep can negatively affect both your immune system, microbiome and stress response. We also know that sleep helps your immune system to effectively ‘remember’ its environment. Researchers have also found that your gut microbiome plays a role in your diurnal rhythm. If you have bad breath, it’s worth looking at your sleep patterns and trying to ensure you get enough good quality sleep.


Milk is a well-known cure for bad breath. Research shows that drinking milk after eating garlic can significantly improve “garlicky” breath. To use this method, drink a glass of low- or full-fat milk during or after a meal containing strong-smelling foods like garlic and onions.


ACV can treat bad breath caused by acidity in the mouth; it has the ability to balance pH and its antibacterial properties fight the microbes responsible for mouth odour. Add a tablespoon of raw, unfiltered ACV in a glass of water and drink it before meals; you can also gargle with it or use it as a mouth rinse. This is an effective cure for mouth odour.


A salt water (saline solution) rinse can prevent the buildup of infectious bacteria in the mouth or throat. The effect is probably due to salt water’s slight acidity. This prevents the ‘alkalizing’ environment that encourages the growth of microbes that cause bad breath. Salt water is a great, simple home remedy for bad breath.


Oranges not only make for a healthy dessert, but they also promote dental hygiene. Many people have bad breath because they don’t produce enough saliva to wash away foul-smelling bacteria. Research shows that vitamin C helps increase saliva production, which can help eliminate bad breath. Oranges are rich in this vitamin.


This helps in both the prevention and treatment of mouth odour; it prevents the formation of acids in the mouth by neutralizing it, it fights bacteria that cause plaque and bad breath and it also helps to whiten the teeth. Pour a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and use this solution to rinse your mouth many times daily until you get the desired result. Try brushing your teeth with baking soda twice weekly to remove plaque deposit, to reduce acidity and to prevent bacteria from accumulating on the tongue. Do not use it every day as excess baking soda on the teeth can destroy the enamel.

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