How To Download IM+ Messenger App

IM Plus is quite unique when compared with other social media platform. It is a complete All In One Messenger app. Also, IM Plus has being considered to be the best messaging app in the world with the largest array of amazing emoticons. IM+ is a chat client that integrates all of your favorite chat services into one app. If you have friends that you chat with across multiple services, it can be tough trying to keep up with them all.

IM+ accesses your accounts from popular services like Facebook, Google, and AIM to bring all of your chats into one application. IM+ also features notifications so you know when someone has responded while you’re in another application. Plus Messenger is free and it will always be. Plus Messenger do not sell ads or charge subscriptions. Plus Messenger is the fastest messaging application in the market because it uses an infrastructure distributed worldwide to connect users to the nearest possible server.

Plus Messenger offers secret chats. Secret messages from chats can be programmed to self-destruct on both devices. IM+ is the social browser of people’s choice, downloaded some 100 million times across all mobile and desktop platforms since 2002. IM+ supports Telegram, Instagram, Facebook and its Messenger, LinkedIn, Skype, Jabber, and Reddit, between other social networks and messengers, some of them with adblock.

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How To Download IM+ Messenger

With the link below, you can download IM Plus messenger, just click on the link.

Click HERE to download IM Plus

Features Of IM Plus Messenger

  • IM Plus is very easy to use.
  • Requires no sign up or account creating, however to enjoy premium services like ALL-IN-
  • ONE LOGIN and CHATTING HISTORY you need to register an IM+ account on
  • Available in all devices including Android, iOS, Window Mobile, Blackberry, Java and Symbian.
  • Also, IM Plus Web Messenger users can connect and chat with contacts on multiple platforms.
  • It supports simultaneous login of distinct social media accounts.
  • Allows users send and receive instant messages.
  • It also supports group chatting.
  • IM+ also allows users to know when the person they are chatting with is typing via Typing notification.
  • Offer In-app-purchase of P2P encrypted messaging and beep.
  • IM Plus users can create free geo and personal status.

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