How to Download Glide App | Benefits Of Glide App

Glide app download

Glide makes app development web-based, collaborative, and fun by combining data-bound components with a familiar spreadsheet model. Spreadsheets are the most successful programming model of all time, and smartphones are the most successful computer, so we’re bringing them together to enable anyone to create amazing apps without code.

Glide app users have the ability to send private videos up to five minutes to a desired list of contacts. Recipients have the freedom to watch and respond to the video instantly or later. All messages can be watched anytime and saved on the cloud. This Jerusalem-based startup was founded by Jonathan Caras, Adam Korbl, and Ari Roisman on May 15, 2012, and was launched to the public in March 2013.

Glide provides a new way for consumers to communicate from smartphones and tablets via video. The lightning fast app combines the benefits of video calling and text messaging without their respective limitations. Glide messages start being delivered in less than one second, allowing video messages of up to 5 minutes to be viewed and replied to by the recipient either immediately or later. Glide is available free on iOS and Android.

Glide is the fastest live video messenger app on the planet. It combines the convenience of texting with the expressiveness of video chat. Now you and your friends/family can share real moments as they happen, and enjoy quality facetime. Glide Review your videos before sending, or tap to stream live whichever fits you best.

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Benefits Of Glide App

  • Record and share Videos live using enhanced camera filter that comes with the app.
  • You can save your videos and watch them later.
  • Glide Video Texting supports storage of videos on cloud which means that you will not stuff your device memory.

  • Using Glide chat box you can connect with any unique group or contact.
  • To add new friends you will just need their Glide PINs and nothing more.
  • With the most current Lock feature of Glide unauthorized will no longer be having access to use your Glide App Messenger.

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How to Download Glide App

  • Go to Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Windows Store.
  • Download and Install Glide App.
  • After that proceed to Glide App Login Page to fill in your Sign up details.
  • After that you will connect with your contact list using their phone number which is considered the easiest.

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