Download & Activate Facebook Workplace On Your Device

Facebook workplace

Facebook workplace part social network, part messenger, and part productivity tool for teams. Your Workplace account is only visible to people in your team/company and is separate from your personal account.

Workplace by Facebook is a collaboration and communication tool that connects employees to one another via an internal social network. Companies pay by the user to set up a private version of Facebook for their employees. With the ability to manage how groups are created, companies can create a network that is tailored to their specific needs.

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How To Download Facebook Workplace App

For workplace app facebook download for android,

  • Visit Google play store
  • On the search box type Workplace by Facebook and search.
  • From the list of result, select Workplace by Facebook app
  • Download and install Workplace by Facebook app on your Android device. Here is a direct link to download Workplace by
  • Facebook app from Google Play store.
    While for facebook workplace app download for iOS device, visit iTunes or Play app on your device.
  • Use the search box to search for Workplace by Facebook app.
  • Then select, download and install workplace facebook app to your iOS device.
  • Here is a Download link for iOS.

Facebook Workplace Profile Activation Procedure

If you have a company email address, look out for an email inviting you to join Workplace. Click on the link and follow directions to activate your profile. You can also download the directions to activate your profile here.

If you don’t have a company email, your employer probably supplied you with an access code. Follow these instructions to activate your profile:

  • Go to the website
  • Click on “Login” from the upper right hand corner.
  • If accessing from mobile, select login from the menu at the top right.

Facebook workplace

  • Select “Create an Account with an Access Code”.
  • Enter your access code.
  • Set your username and create a unique password.
  • Join groups and follow your colleagues
  • What Can You do on Workplace by Facebook?

Note: Workplace looks and functions like Facebook. If you know how to navigate Facebook, you’ll know to navigate Workplace. Like Facebook, Workplace offers Live Video, News Feed, Groups, Messenger, Reactions, Search, and Trending Posts. In addition to the regular Facebook, Workplace has a dashboard with analytics, integration, single sign-on, and identity providers that companies can use to integrate Workplace with their existing IT systems.

Features Of Facebook Workplace

  • Work Chat – This feature lets users communicate with their team in real-time along with sharing links and documents. Just like Facebook Messenger, users can also make video calls.
  • Live Video – If you want to “Go-Live” with your company about the latest product launch, latest development, or breaking news, Live Video on Facebook Workplace alerts employees (or a smaller group of employees) that a live video is in progress. Videos are recorded and indexed to enable future quick search functionality.
  • Unlimited Storage – If you are concerned about running out of space, then relax! Whether you load pictures, files or videos, Workplace offers unlimited storage.
  • Security – Data security is the biggest concern for many organizations. Workplace by Facebook ensures that your data and other delicate information will not be published or stolen. Facebook assures that they have come up with several measures that will protect all sensitive information and data.
  • Notifications and Newsfeed – The main purpose of the Workplace by Facebook is to keep your team updated on what is happening within the company. For that, it makes sure that each user receives a Newsfeed and its algorithm ensures that it highlights what’s important. Moreover, it also notifies users when they are mentioned, receive a new message, or followed!
  • Analytics and Admin tools – Managers can also access all data about the latest usage and interactions. Users can read the number of posts or keep on track of everything going on.
  • Groups – Allows users to create multiple groups with teams within the company. Groups allow members to share documents, content, and ideas.
  • Multi-Company Groups – Groups can be created with third parties, meaning employees can create groups to communicate directly with customers and vendors. Multi-company groups can share documents, communicate, share ideas and interact on the platform.

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