2 Method to Chat On Whatsapp Without Typing

Chattinng on Whatsapp could very difficult and hectic atimes especially if you are the type that is always busy. You can send text messages using the popular WhatsApp messaging platform without having to type them physically. WhatsApp has so many exciting features that 2billion users do not know about any of it. For those people who hate typing with passion and prefer to communicate through video calls, voice calls, and speech notes, there’s another way to communicate efficiently, too. The app is called Dictation, which allows you to transmit messages to the microphone of your smartphone, then translate them into text. Another method is to use Google to send Whatsapp messages, using Google also has it’s advantage. The method are well explained in the steps listed below.

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How to Use WhatsApp Dictation

  • First, open a chat
  • Click on the text bar
  • Then tap the microphone icon on the keyboard. It will trigger the microphone, and start dictating what you say. The microphone will keep on listening, and WhatsApp will continue to control as long as you speak. After a few seconds of silence, it’ll deactivate.
  • If you use WhatsApp Dictation, there are a couple of other things to remember. First, when saying these, you will use punctuation marks. For instance saying: ‘comma’ or ‘question mark just after you say something. Secondly, it’s recommended that you talk slowly and clearly to give WhatsApp the best chance to correctly decide your message.

How to Use Google to Send Whatsapp Messages

You can use Google voice to send WhatsApp messages without opening the app, its only Google that can help you. Also Google allow the users to not show them online and also hide their last seen option.  The step below will explain better on how you can send whatsapp message using Google.

  • Open Google App and Say “Ok Google”All that the user is required to so is, open the Google App from the Google folder or app drawer and speak out loud saying “Ok Google”.
  • Now “Speak” the WhatsApp Message So rather than typing out long messages on WhatsApp, Android phone users just have to speak out the WhatsApp message, can be as long as it can, after Google asks you what message you want to send. This is how you can simply save yourself from typing long texts.
  • Speak Out the Name of the Friend You Want To Send the Message After the message has been spoken, Google will ask the name of the friend you want to send the message to, speak out the name of the person, and Google will identify.
  • Speak out “Send it” All that the user now needs to do is, speak “Send it” to send the WhatsApp message that you have spoken. In case you want to make any corrections in the message, say “Change it”.

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